We are working for the future of Africa

The future of Africa is the future of the world.

Africa has many option and many problems as well. Deforestation and consequences.
Environmental Pollution and inadequate Waste Management.
Erratic power supply from the national grid.
Post harvest losses in Agriculture

We offer solution for the daily life and give young people a chance to find a future in their homeland. More infos

Our projects

PET Bottle Houses

We live in the plastic age.

PET Bottles filled with sand are a very solid stone and usefull for many construct-ions like houses or water tanks. We have a lot of experience with these eco bricks. More infos

Wood Saving Stove

Protect the trees

Many households in Africa still use wood for cooking which is for many reasons an ecological disaster. Our Stove is using a minimum of wood. More infos

Parboiled Rice

Protect the trees

Nigeria produces about 10 Millionen Tons of rice per year. Most of it is parboiled rice. The traditional method is very energy consuming and causes an extensive use of firewood. More infos

Solar harvest dryer

Save the harvest

50 % of the harvest of fruits and vegetables are getting moldy because the farmers have no option to dry the products profes-sional. More infos

Eco Dry foods

In the European Community approximately five percent of agricultural goods become spoiled, the amount in the tropics and subtropics rises up to 70 percent. The lack of storage facilities and little developed infrastructure hamper small producers from market entry. We have a great solution for this problem and can produce dry fruits even in ecological quality for international export. Click here

Our Visions

Biogas facility

renewable energy

is used to produce biogas by fermenting biomass.
In agricultural biogas plants, animal excrements (slurry, solid manure) and energy crops are usually used as substrate. More infos


Save the earth

A side product of the biogas facility is the production of a high mineral fertilizer which is very important to secure a good harvest for the future.


Save the earth

Most of the biological waste in Africa is not collected and a very good source for a high energy biological compost.

Solar Power​

Renewable energy

Solar Power is a great idea but not cheap. We are lawys looking for the best producers to guarantee top quality for a reasonable price


We have a very good alternative for charcoal and wood with a much higher energy supply. All kind of biological waste from private households and the agriculture industry can be used our produce our Bio-Bricks