Yahaya Ahmed

Studied Building Tech. & Civil Eng. in France and Germany.
Diploma studies in Applied Linguistics
Speak fluently German, French and Arabic
Lectured at University of Frankfurt 1999 – 2005
Senior Editor and host of Science & Technology/Environmental matters desk at Radio Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany.
Worked with L-H-L e.V. and several environmental organizations in Germany in planning and implementing various projects in West Africa.
Came back to Nigeria in 2007 to co-found DARE and have since been running the organization as its Chairman/CEO to date.
Currently fully engaged in awareness, sensitization and enlightenment campaign projects on green economy and mitigation of
the consequences of climate change in Nigeria, through DARE.
Area of Specialization: Projects implementation on GHG emission reduction, Monitoring, Verification and CER (Carbon Credit)
generation, through the CDM scheme of the Kyoto Protocol/Paris Agreement, coordinated by the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change (UNFCCC).