Solar Tunnel Dryer

In the European Community approximately five percent of agricultural goods become spoiled, the amount in the tropics and subtropics rises up to 70 percent. The lack of storage facilities and little developed infrastructure hamper small producers from market entry. Seasonal surplus due harvest can not be traded and on the regional markets the prices persist at
low level.

As an alternative the processing of dryed products of high quality present itself. Harvest turns into storable and tradable goods for a long term.  Stored goods are a regular source of income and diminish the dependance on seasonal harvest.
Hygienic processing is the assumption for the production of high quality products. Even familiy enterprises get the chance to set on the market.

Simple technology meets high utilization
The appropriate construction guarantees easy installation as well as transportation. Without any reconstruction the dryer is suitabe for fruits, vegetables, spices and medical plants. 
Seasonal overproduction as well as over- and undersizes are processed to valuable goods. The applicants of solar tunnel dryers are agricultural enterprises, familiy run farms and developing organisations which demonstrate improved technology. Also an increasing number of organic farmers use the ecological advantages of the solar tunnel dryer for the production of their high-value crops